Saturday, July 3, 2010

Un Dia de Milagros

Sorry it took forever to post this, I was having trouble uploading videos to the internet. So, yestereday, we went to Ciudad de Mexico where we went to the Catedral, which was really cool, and La Basilica de Guadalupe which was AMAZING. So when I first found out where we were going, I was interested and a little excited. When we got there, our tour guide told us the story, what all the symbols mean to the hispanics, and all the miracles surrounding the tapestry. After that, I was really excited to see the tapestry. It was weird, I'd never felt that way about an object before, including a religious object. Well, we went to see the tapestry, and I was in awe. I took pictures and I didn't know what else to do. I kinda wanted to cry, especially because there was un hombre there who was crying, but I didn't because I wouldn't have known why I was crying. Well, we saw the church part which was so big and beautiful. I wanted to stay for mass but we didn't have time. We went to the other place where the tapestry used to be held which also was very beautiful. Much smaller but more historical. After this, we took our journey to Teotihuacan and we were all quite excited. :-) So, we arrived, and walked through a museum that had Aztec artifacts excavated from various sites nearby. Then, we went to the Pyramids themselves and, wow. They were so beautiful. Not as big as I had expected, but definitely more grand. Humans are so amazing. Well, of course we climbed the pyramids and took tons of pics. At the top, people were tired and complained about the climb and I was just like, "That wasn't too bad." Certainly not as bad as I expected. One guy asked if I was high or something, lol. I of course told him that this was nothing compared to climbing the Great Wall. The Great Wall of China is much more steep, el clima yesterday was much better, and the steps themselves were better. And it was a WAY shorter climb. I loved the view from the top and got tons of pics up there. So, we continued walking to the Pyramid of the Moon. The sky had gotten really dark by the time we got there and it started sprinkling a little on our way. We climbed as far as we were permitted and took pics of the Pyramid of the Sun and in front of it. It started raining pretty hard, lol, so it was time to go. We had to wait underneath an overhanging for our bus.

We were all pretty wet by the time we got to the bus, and we went to a restaurant called Mi Lindo Mexico where we had lunch. I kinda had lunch earlier, so I just had cafe con leche y un pastel. The coffee was pretty good and the pastel was pretty good too. We then took a tour of the factory there. The guide showed us how Agave Tequila is made and all the uses of the Agave plant. I don't know why we can't just use those, lol, to make clothes, Tequila, and paper. I think the way people used to use the natural resources around them is so fascinating. And how they made dye from flower petals. So cool. So, he had us try the sacred drink, which is the agave juice before it's fermented. The first time you drink the sacred drink, you're supposed to make a wish before you drink, so we did. That was actually really good. A little sweet. The tour guide also had us try the tequila. He taught us how to properly drink tequila with salt on your hand and lime between your fingers and consuming both with the tequila. The 100% Agave tequila is the least horrible-tasting alcohol I've had. Better than wine, whiskey, vodka, and other tequila I've tasted. They also showed us about traditional agave blankets and ponchos and whatnot before we took the long drive back to Cuernavaca.
On the way back, Oyinna and I stopped at the ice cream parlor where I had the lime ice cream. OMG!!! We had some of their real ice cream and it was the best ice cream EVER. I swear, that's GOTTA be the best ice cream in the world. It's this little ice cream parlor in one of the smaller areas of Cuernavaca called Santa Clara and it's been in business desde 1924.

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